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Framed Mottos

In the post-WWI years, special occasions were celebrated, not merely with greeting cards given in an envelope, but with framed, elaborately designed poetic sentiments.

Framed poetry was a more permanent and charming way to mark a special day. The recipient could hang it on the wall as a reminder of the giver’s thoughtfulness.

Publishers of these unique framed poems, now known as mottos and at times poems from the heart usually started in the greeting card business or quality children book companies. Prominent publishers included The Buzza Company (also known as Buzza Craftacres), Buckbee Brehm, Volland, and Gibson.

Much like greeting cards, themes included topics such as Mother, Dad, Son, and Daughter as well as Sweetheart; Friendship, Birthday, Anniversary, Religious and many more.

Each company maintained high standards by creating quality – well designed and scripted mottos. The finest illustrators of the times created framed verses by well-known authors and poets. One publisher hired Frank Lloyd Wright’s sister for her design talents. The Buzza Company even published Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, My Mother, in 1925. (Poe’s poem is listed under MOTHER)

Economics, changing times and a faster pace of living, all led to the demise of this charming custom in the 1930s.

Today vintage mottos are highly collectible, yet still affordable. Take a peek into a slower, more gracious era.





JUST A RESTIN – Gibson Publishers

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