A NURSE’S PRAYER – Circa 1920’s Lithograph

The motto is entirely hand painted with a watercolor wash. Only the dark and light gray inks are printed. The paper must have been somewhat moistened for the color say on the book near the chair to run and so perfectly. The paper’s moistening allows the background on say on the letter run smoothly as well. I also find it interesting to see that only women are shown in the motto. Up until the late 20th century they were our nurses. Shown at the bottom left “A Buzza Motto” is printed. Buzza somewhat dominated the framed motto industry during the 1920s. Actually Buzza motto is the generic term for framed mottos.

A NURSES PRAYER is a wonderful inspiration for anyone who is going into the nursing field or as a gift from a grateful patient to show their appreciation for exceptional care.

Dimensions 9” X 11”