SISTER by J.P. McEvoy – Copyright 1927


George Buzza published SISTER at a time when framed mottos were at the height of success. Only the finest illustrators, writers and production people were employed. SISTER is a colorfully printed lithograph with gold foil, and is designed with a beautiful scene of bluebirds in flight which is framed within an 8-sided polygon decorated with pink flowers. SISTER is in good condition for its age including the frame, glass, and motto. The dust-cover is also original, but worn and the brass hanger was added many years ago. Still on the dust-cover paper there is a hand-written sentimental note signed and dated “… Lenora Art Family, Year 1927”. Note the design of the fine frame used. It is one of the finer frames of the times. This is a framed Buzza motto from 1927. It is dedicated to a sibling and beautifully framed. Please, consider SISTER for a gift. She will treasure it.

Dimensions 7 3/4” x 10 3/4”

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