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Gift Motto – Just a Restin


I wish I wuz a rock, A sittin’on a hill
A doin’ nothing all day long
‘Cept just a sittin’ still;
I wouldn’t eat, I wouldn’t sleep,
I wouldn’t even wash,
I’d just sit still a million years
And rest myself, b’gosh!”

R.L. is printed under the motto. The initials are somewhat ambiguous. R.L. could stand for either the poet’s or illustrator’s name. JUST A RESTIN’ remains framed in its original frame, glass as well as a small brass hanger. The frame itself is 1/2” wide with a green vine of leaves outlined with gold beading. The motto is a lithograph print colorfully designed and remains in good vintage condition.

Dimensions:  5 3/4” x 8”

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