HOUSE BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD by Sam Walter Foss – 1897


The House by the Side of the Road framed motto has all the bells and whistles. Every aspect is original, the frame, glass dust-cover paper and the prized large brass CLOVERLEAF hanger engraved with BUZZA, the publishing company. The frame itself is in excellent condition. It was purposely crackled aging it perhaps due to the wide skirts and tall hats. Also, original is the dust-cover paper and the much sought after brass CLOVERLEAF hanger embossed with BUZZA, the publishing house. An added bonus is a circular, gold foil label from the store who retailed the motto. It reads, From the Holt Art Store Artistic Picture Framing Gifts 742 Broadway Tacoma.

It you appreciate poetry and like Mr. Foss verse, then consider purchasing this Buzza Motto. It truly is a find!

Dimensions: 9” x 9”

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