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Handbag – Victorian Flared Gold-Tone

Handbag - Victorian Flared Gold-Tone

This late 19th-century Victorian handbag is knitted in monochromatic gold-tone threads and crystal beads with a triple looped beaded fringe. What is interesting about the beading is that it starts as thin lines widening as it descends into a swag design. Just as fascinating, the knitted and crystal panels are joined along one another’s side. Most often […]

Art Deco Handbag – Framed with Bakelite Clasp and Chain

Art Deco Handbag with Bakelite Handle 2016

There you are Art Deco handbag! I’ve looked for you high and low. What’s this, you are framed? Not possible! Surely you can get out of there. I need to wear you. Yes, I know you’re over 100 years old. I see how proud you are of yourself with your colorful glass seed and jet black […]